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Catch My Snitch

Catch My Snitch - Quality Harry/Ginny Fanfiction
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Quality Harry/Ginny fanfiction
Please note that membership in this community is restricted. For more details, see "How do I join?" below.
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The Community

Our goal is to host quality Harry Potter fanfiction dedicated to the couple Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

The Members

Once admitted, you are free (and encouraged!) to post your Harry/Ginny work. Members are encouraged to take an active role in the community by writing in the monthly challenges and voting upon pending members’ stories. Each member will have his or her own tagged link to make their fic easily accessible.

The Fiction

All lengths, genres, and ratings are welcome, as long as they involve Harry and Ginny. This includes crossovers with other fandoms and threesome stories featuring Harry, Ginny and another. However, crossovers and threesomes cannot be submitted for membership challenges.

When posting a story, please be sure to use the following template:


Please be aware that posts are for fanfiction only. Any off topic post not pre-approved by a moderator will be deleted.
How Do I Join?

To be eligible for membership you must have already written three Harry/Ginny stories, of any length and rating. The catchmysnitch membership challenge fic does not count toward this requirement, sorry. We may ask you to send us links if we cannot find them easily on your journal.

To join the community you are required to write a new, never-before-posted fic for one of the themed monthly challenges. The theme will always be a magical object and will be announced at the beginning of the month. Submit your story to cms.mods(at)gmail(dot)com and it will be posted anonymously by one of the community’s moderators for consideration by our members. Further advice and instructions for membership stories are included in the challenge posts.

To ensure the quality of fic, standing members of the community will vote upon the piece, and if the story passes by 60% or higher, the author will be admitted into the community. Voting is anonymous but public -- although the author's name will be confidential, the percentage of votes is viewable to all. If the story does not receive 60% of the votes, the author's identity will be kept confidential and they will be welcome to try again. You can view examples of these voting posts here.

We welcome new members eagerly, and are always happy to discuss our procedures. If you would like to join the community and have questions, please feel free to contact us at cms.mods(at)gmail(dot)com, or to contact either pocketfullof, flyingcarpet or stmargarets individually.
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