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stmargarets in catchmysnitch

November Challenge: Skele-Gro

The challenge for November is one of JKR's most memorable potions:


Fics should be a minimum of 500 words, and can be any genre or type of fic. Remember that although we accept Harry/Ginny/Other threesomes and crossovers in the community, these types of fic do not qualify for challenges.

This challenge is open to both current and prospective members. Current members, feel free to write and post your fics whenever the mood strikes.

We're always eager for new members, so if you'd like to join us:

*To be eligible, all writers must have written three Harry/Ginny fics. If it's not obvious from your journal, we'll ask you for links. If you don't qualify, there's an easy solution: write more H/G!

*Write a story for the challenge. 500 words minimum, Harry/Ginny, no threesomes or crossovers. Use the challenge item.

*Make it good. Use a beta. Do not post it on your journal -- email it to us at cms.mods@gmail.com.

*Membership is restricted. The members will vote on your story. The voting is public and anonymous, in order to maintain fairness. Please do not "campaign" or announce publicly that the story is yours until voting is over. If your story gets 60% of the vote, we'll announce you as the author and welcome you in. If not, we will keep your identity confidential and you will be welcome to try again.

*Why do we do this? We want to promote quality Harry/Ginny fic. We want good authors to write more. We want all authors to strive for more original stories, insightful characterizations, and polished, technically correct writing. But we know that the Harry/Ginny community is huge, and great authors are popping up all the time. We can't possibly comb every corner of the fandom for good writers, so we wanted a system where they could come to us.

*Questions? Contact pocketfullof, flyingcarpet, stmargarets or email us at cms.mods@gmail.com, or comment here.


hello, I sent an email to you about this post, its not coming thru for me. Can you connect with me when you get a chance.


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